What Do Clients

and Colleagues Say?

Cathy Cavanaugh

Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh, Principle Program Manager for Learning Research and Analytics, Microsoft

"One of Kathryn's many impressive attributes is her depth of online and blended learning expertise. Not only has she successfully led and guided initiatives internationally, but she has a global reputation as a leading researcher in this field. Kathryn's knowledge combined with her exemplary collaborative capacity allow her to quickly assess needs and opportunities. She is a valued consultant for me as an author and program facilitator."


Dr. Joseph R. Freidhoff, Vice President, Michigan Virtual

“Kathryn is a powerhouse when it comes to K-12 online and blended research. Her knowledge and network are at the top of the research community. Her varied work experiences and the projects she has led are both expansive and eclectic. It has been my privilege to work alongside her for the past five years. I assume if you’ve reached this page, you are considering Kathryn for a work opportunity. It’s a no-brainer; Kathryn is on the A-Team. So if you have a problem . . . if no one else can help . . . and if you can find her . . . you should hire Kathryn.”


Matthew Wicks


Vice President of Efficacy and Research


Pearson Online and Blended Learning

"Kathryn has been a respected colleague of mine for many years. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and organized. Beyond that she makes the work more enjoyable so I always look forward to working with Kathryn on any project."

Leanna Archambault

Dr. Leanna Archambault, Associate Professor, Arizona State University

“One of the most respected scholars in the field, Kathryn’s dedication and commitment to her craft is second to none. Our collaborative work has won awards, including the Online Learning Innovator Award for Outstanding Research from iNACOL and the Qualitative Journal Article Award from the Division of Distance Learning of the AETC. Her ability to work collaboratively and across disciplines makes Kathryn a valuable contributor. She is able to leverage her vast network, both national and international, and she is incredibly resourceful, responsive, and never fails to come through - a tremendous asset to any project.”

Bruce Friend

Bruce Friend, Chief Operations Officer, iNACOL

"Since 2006, Kathryn has provided her help and expertise to iNACOL. As chair of the Research Committee and as the Director of Research, she led many collaborative initiatives that resulted in informative reports that offer our field valuable guidance. Kathryn is one of my go-to researchers because she keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest in research, practice, and policy.”


Dr. Keryn Pratt, Senior Lecturer, College of Education, University of Otago

“Kathryn is a great person to have involved in any project. Her knowledge of online and blended learning is vast, and she has extensive experience with providing professional development for both preservice and inservice educators. She is knowledgeable, reliable, and has held leadership roles in key organisations in the online and blended learning arena. She is also flexible and a pleasure to work with.”

Jered Borup

Dr. Jered Borup, Assistant Professor, George Mason University

“I don't know anyone more connected with researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders in K-12 online and blended learning than Kathryn. I first met Kathryn when I was a new scholar. She took an interest in my work and began providing me various opportunities to serve the field. Over the last five years, Kathryn has had a huge impact on my career, and I have seen many scholars benefit from their association with her. Her network combined with her personal expertise makes her especially qualified to address complex issues. To those interested in improving online and blended learning, I highly recommend working with Kathryn.”