at the intersection of

practice, policy, and research

I am passionate about working with schools and organizations to bring programs to a place where they can best meet the needs of their learners in a holistic way and am motivated to help them see how they can most meaningfully support their stakeholders. My work examines questions of policy, research, and practice using a problem of practice-based approach.

With over 15 years of experience in the fields of online and blended teaching and learning and emerging technologies in education and a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction as well as a specialization in educational technology, I bring many experiences and contacts to our work together. 

I own and operate an education consulting firm -- Kathryn Kennedy Consulting -- offering research and contract services, dedicated to helping organizations and stakeholders as they navigate the changing landscape of the field of education.

In the past, I served as the Director of the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, the research arm of Michigan Virtual, where I worked with a team of researchers and writers on multiple state-legislated research projects focused on policy and practice in K-12 online and blended learning.  I also formerly served as the Director of Research for the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), adjunct professor and advisor for the Ed.D. program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and assistant professor of instructional technology at Georgia Southern University. My practical experiences and research interests include educator professional development for technology integration and instructional design in traditional, blended, and online learning environments. I previously chaired the K-12 Online Learning SIG for the Society for Information Technology and Teaching Education (SITE). I am one of the founding Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Online Learning Research, a peer-reviewed, international, open source journal published by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). I am also one of the founding Editors of the Handbook of Research on K-12 Online and Blended Learning, an open source handbook published by Carnegie Mellon's ETC Press. I serve on the Advisory Council for the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning.

As we well know, society continues to throw schools and organizations curve balls, forcing stakeholders to create a dynamic and flexible mindset that is open to change -- which is our only constant. Together, we can be the change! I'd love the opportunity to work with you and your school/program/organization. If you're interested in working together, please email me at  

I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with innovative and forward-thinking schools, programs, and organizations. Listed below are some examples of clients with whom I’ve worked, the type of work I do, and the skills and qualifications I bring to my work. A collection of projects I’ve worked on can be found under Projects. You can also explore projects specifically by category: Research, Professional Learning, Standards, and Website & Course Design.

I'm open to other possibilities not listed, so never hesitate to ask if there's something I can help you with. You can also find out more about my work on the CV page. I look forward to working with you!

Types of Clients

  • State Education Agencies

  • Regional Education Agencies

  • Education Ministries

  • Education ThinkTanks

  • Research Institutes and Agencies

  • PreK - 12/Primary/Secondary Schools (online, blended, traditional, charter, etc)

  • Education Professionals (teachers, administrators, mentors, librarians, support staff)

  • Post-Secondary Schools/Colleges/Universities

  • Faculty

  • Product-driven Firms

  • Non-profit Organizations

  • For-profit Organizations

  • Policy Makers

  • Professional Organizations

Types of Work

  • Original Research

  • Writing Reports

  • Case Study Work

  • Subject Matter Expert

  • Instructional Design

  • Curriculum Design

  • Content Miner/Aggregator

  • Project Manager

  • Program Evaluation

  • Grant Writing

  • Connector/Networking

  • Providing Guidance Programs

  • Problems of Practice/Systemic Issues

  • Faculty Trainer

  • Consulting

  • Mindful Meditation & Yoga

  • Pranayama (Breath Work for Mental Clarity)

  • Body, Mind, Spirit Holistic Work

  • Stress Relieving Strategies

Skills & Qualifications

  • Attentive to details

  • Oriented toward service

  • Good at planning and organizing

  • Empathetic and sociable

  • Skilled in identifying problems and brainstorming potential solutions

  • Excellent at written and oral communication as well as presentation

  • Comfortable working independently and collaboratively with other team members

  • Careful about documentation and note-taking

  • Able to meet deadlines

  • Interested in traveling and working in a diverse range of environments

  • Qualified with a Ph.D. degree in curriculum and instruction

  • Extensive yoga, meditation, breath work, stress relief training - visit Winterbloom Farm Botanical & Healing Arts for more information

  • Visit CV page for more information

Organizations I

Work With